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netfront: Allow netfront in domain 0.

This is useful if your physical network device is in a utility domain.

Signed-off-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@citrix.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Tue Apr 15 15:18:58 2008 +0100 (2008-04-15)
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1 Thanks go to the following people for patches and contributions:
3 Michael Hunold <m.hunold@gmx.de>
4 for the initial saa7146 driver and it's recent overhaul
6 Christian Theiss
7 for his work on the initial Linux DVB driver
9 Marcus Metzler <mocm@metzlerbros.de>
10 Ralph Metzler <rjkm@metzlerbros.de>
11 for their continuing work on the DVB driver
13 Michael Holzt <kju@debian.org>
14 for his contributions to the dvb-net driver
16 Diego Picciani <d.picciani@novacomp.it>
17 for CyberLogin for Linux which allows logging onto EON
18 (in case you are wondering where CyberLogin is, EON changed its login
19 procedure and CyberLogin is no longer used.)
21 Martin Schaller <martin@smurf.franken.de>
22 for patching the cable card decoder driver
24 Klaus Schmidinger <Klaus.Schmidinger@cadsoft.de>
25 for various fixes regarding tuning, OSD and CI stuff and his work on VDR
27 Steve Brown <sbrown@cortland.com>
28 for his AFC kernel thread
30 Christoph Martin <martin@uni-mainz.de>
31 for his LIRC infrared handler
33 Andreas Oberritter <obi@linuxtv.org>
34 Dennis Noermann <dennis.noermann@noernet.de>
35 Felix Domke <tmbinc@elitedvb.net>
36 Florian Schirmer <jolt@tuxbox.org>
37 Ronny Strutz <3des@elitedvb.de>
38 Wolfram Joost <dbox2@frokaschwei.de>
39 ...and all the other dbox2 people
40 for many bugfixes in the generic DVB Core, frontend drivers and
41 their work on the dbox2 port of the DVB driver
43 Oliver Endriss <o.endriss@gmx.de>
44 for many bugfixes
46 Andrew de Quincey <adq_dvb@lidskialf.net>
47 for the tda1004x frontend driver, and various bugfixes
49 Peter Schildmann <peter.schildmann@web.de>
50 for the driver for the Technisat SkyStar2 PCI DVB card
52 Vadim Catana <skystar@moldova.cc>
53 Roberto Ragusa <r.ragusa@libero.it>
54 Augusto Cardoso <augusto@carhil.net>
55 for all the work for the FlexCopII chipset by B2C2,Inc.
57 Davor Emard <emard@softhome.net>
58 for his work on the budget drivers, the demux code,
59 the module unloading problems, ...
61 Hans-Frieder Vogt <hfvogt@arcor.de>
62 for his work on calculating and checking the crc's for the
63 TechnoTrend/Hauppauge DEC driver firmware
65 Michael Dreher <michael@5dot1.de>
66 Andreas 'randy' Weinberger
67 for the support of the Fujitsu-Siemens Activy budget DVB-S
69 Kenneth Aafl°y <ke-aa@frisurf.no>
70 for adding support for Typhoon DVB-S budget card
72 Ernst Peinlich <e.peinlich@inode.at>
73 for tuning/DiSEqC support for the DEC 3000-s
75 Peter Beutner <p.beutner@gmx.net>
76 for the IR code for the ttusb-dec driver
78 Wilson Michaels <wilsonmichaels@earthlink.net>
79 for the lgdt330x frontend driver, and various bugfixes
81 Michael Krufky <mkrufky@m1k.net>
82 for maintaining v4l/dvb inter-tree dependencies
84 Taylor Jacob <rtjacob@earthlink.net>
85 for the nxt2002 frontend driver
87 Jean-Francois Thibert <jeanfrancois@sagetv.com>
88 for the nxt2004 frontend driver
90 Kirk Lapray <kirk.lapray@gmail.com>
91 for the or51211 and or51132 frontend drivers, and
92 for merging the nxt2002 and nxt2004 modules into a
93 single nxt200x frontend driver.
95 (If you think you should be in this list, but you are not, drop a
96 line to the DVB mailing list)