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[IA64] xencomm: support XENMEM_add_to_physmap and XENMEM_remove_from_phsymap

support XENMEM_add_to_physmap and XENMEM_remove_from_phsymap.

Signed-off-by: Isaku Yamahata <yamahata@valinux.co.jp>
author Isaku Yamahata <yamahata@valinux.co.jp>
date Tue Sep 16 21:26:15 2008 +0900 (2008-09-16)
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1 This port to the NEC V850E processor supports the following platforms:
3 "sim"
4 The gdb v850e simulator (CONFIG_V850E_SIM).
6 "rte-ma1-cb"
7 The Midas labs RTE-V850E/MA1-CB and RTE-V850E/NB85E-CB evaluation
8 boards (CONFIG_RTE_CB_MA1 and CONFIG_RTE_CB_NB85E). This support
9 has only been tested when running with the Multi-debugger monitor
10 ROM (for the Green Hills Multi debugger). The optional NEC
11 Solution Gear RTE-MOTHER-A motherboard is also supported, which
12 allows PCI boards to be used (CONFIG_RTE_MB_A_PCI).
14 "rte-me2-cb"
15 The Midas labs RTE-V850E/ME2-CB evaluation board (CONFIG_RTE_CB_ME2).
16 This has only been tested using a kernel downloaded via an ICE
17 connection using the Multi debugger. Support for the RTE-MOTHER-A is
18 present, but hasn't been tested (unlike the other Midas labs cpu
19 boards, the RTE-V850E/ME2-CB includes an ethernet adaptor).
21 "as85ep1"
22 The NEC AS85EP1 V850E evaluation chip/board (CONFIG_V850E_AS85EP1).
24 "anna"
25 The NEC `Anna' (board/chip) implementation of the V850E2 processor
26 (CONFIG_V850E2_ANNA).
28 "sim85e2c", "sim85e2s"
29 The sim85e2c and sim85e2s simulators, which are verilog simulations
30 of the V850E2 NA85E2C/NA85E2S cpu cores (CONFIG_V850E2_SIM85E2C and
31 CONFIG_V850E2_SIM85E2S).
33 "fpga85e2c"
34 A FPGA implementation of the V850E2 NA85E2C cpu core
35 (CONFIG_V850E2_FPGA85E2C).
37 To get a default kernel configuration for a particular platform, you can
38 use a <platform>_defconfig make target (e.g., "make rte-me2-cb_defconfig");
39 to see which default configurations are possible, look in the directory
40 "arch/v850/configs".
42 Porting to anything with a V850E/MA1 or MA2 processor should be simple.
43 See the file <asm-v850/machdep.h> and the files it includes for an example of
44 how to add platform/chip-specific support.