annotate arch/powerpc/Kconfig.debug @ 854:950b9eb27661

usbback: fix urb interval value for interrupt urbs.

Signed-off-by: Noboru Iwamatsu <n_iwamatsu@jp.fujitsu.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Mon Apr 06 13:51:20 2009 +0100 (2009-04-06)
parents a2acc03e8a4d
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ian@0 1 menu "Kernel hacking"
ian@0 2
ian@0 3 source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
ian@0 4
ian@0 6 bool "Check for stack overflows"
ian@0 7 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && PPC64
ian@0 8 help
ian@0 9 This option will cause messages to be printed if free stack space
ian@0 10 drops below a certain limit.
ian@0 11
ian@0 12 config DEBUG_STACK_USAGE
ian@0 13 bool "Stack utilization instrumentation"
ian@0 14 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && PPC64
ian@0 15 help
ian@0 16 Enables the display of the minimum amount of free stack which each
ian@0 17 task has ever had available in the sysrq-T and sysrq-P debug output.
ian@0 18
ian@0 19 This option will slow down process creation somewhat.
ian@0 20
ian@0 21 config DEBUGGER
ian@0 22 bool "Enable debugger hooks"
ian@0 23 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
ian@0 24 help
ian@0 25 Include in-kernel hooks for kernel debuggers. Unless you are
ian@0 26 intending to debug the kernel, say N here.
ian@0 27
ian@0 28 config KGDB
ian@0 29 bool "Include kgdb kernel debugger"
ian@0 30 depends on DEBUGGER && (BROKEN || PPC_GEN550 || 4xx)
ian@0 31 select DEBUG_INFO
ian@0 32 help
ian@0 33 Include in-kernel hooks for kgdb, the Linux kernel source level
ian@0 34 debugger. See <http://kgdb.sourceforge.net/> for more information.
ian@0 35 Unless you are intending to debug the kernel, say N here.
ian@0 36
ian@0 37 choice
ian@0 38 prompt "Serial Port"
ian@0 39 depends on KGDB
ian@0 40 default KGDB_TTYS1
ian@0 41
ian@0 42 config KGDB_TTYS0
ian@0 43 bool "ttyS0"
ian@0 44
ian@0 45 config KGDB_TTYS1
ian@0 46 bool "ttyS1"
ian@0 47
ian@0 48 config KGDB_TTYS2
ian@0 49 bool "ttyS2"
ian@0 50
ian@0 51 config KGDB_TTYS3
ian@0 52 bool "ttyS3"
ian@0 53
ian@0 54 endchoice
ian@0 55
ian@0 56 config KGDB_CONSOLE
ian@0 57 bool "Enable serial console thru kgdb port"
ian@0 58 depends on KGDB && 8xx || CPM2
ian@0 59 help
ian@0 60 If you enable this, all serial console messages will be sent
ian@0 61 over the gdb stub.
ian@0 62 If unsure, say N.
ian@0 63
ian@0 64 config XMON
ian@0 65 bool "Include xmon kernel debugger"
ian@0 66 depends on DEBUGGER && !PPC_ISERIES
ian@0 67 help
ian@0 68 Include in-kernel hooks for the xmon kernel monitor/debugger.
ian@0 69 Unless you are intending to debug the kernel, say N here.
ian@0 70 Make sure to enable also CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT on Macs. Otherwise
ian@0 71 nothing will appear on the screen (xmon writes directly to the
ian@0 72 framebuffer memory).
ian@0 73 The cmdline option 'xmon' or 'xmon=early' will drop into xmon
ian@0 74 very early during boot. 'xmon=on' will just enable the xmon
ian@0 75 debugger hooks. 'xmon=off' will disable the debugger hooks
ian@0 76 if CONFIG_XMON_DEFAULT is set.
ian@0 77
ian@0 78 config XMON_DEFAULT
ian@0 79 bool "Enable xmon by default"
ian@0 80 depends on XMON
ian@0 81 help
ian@0 82 xmon is normally disabled unless booted with 'xmon=on'.
ian@0 83 Use 'xmon=off' to disable xmon init during runtime.
ian@0 84
ian@0 85 config IRQSTACKS
ian@0 86 bool "Use separate kernel stacks when processing interrupts"
ian@0 87 depends on PPC64
ian@0 88 help
ian@0 89 If you say Y here the kernel will use separate kernel stacks
ian@0 90 for handling hard and soft interrupts. This can help avoid
ian@0 91 overflowing the process kernel stacks.
ian@0 92
ian@0 93 config BDI_SWITCH
ian@0 94 bool "Include BDI-2000 user context switcher"
ian@0 95 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && PPC32
ian@0 96 help
ian@0 97 Include in-kernel support for the Abatron BDI2000 debugger.
ian@0 98 Unless you are intending to debug the kernel with one of these
ian@0 99 machines, say N here.
ian@0 100
ian@0 101 config BOOTX_TEXT
ian@0 102 bool "Support for early boot text console (BootX or OpenFirmware only)"
ian@0 103 depends PPC_OF && !PPC_ISERIES
ian@0 104 help
ian@0 105 Say Y here to see progress messages from the boot firmware in text
ian@0 106 mode. Requires either BootX or Open Firmware.
ian@0 107
ian@0 108 config SERIAL_TEXT_DEBUG
ian@0 109 bool "Support for early boot texts over serial port"
ian@0 110 depends on 4xx || LOPEC || MV64X60 || PPLUS || PRPMC800 || \
ian@0 111 PPC_GEN550 || PPC_MPC52xx
ian@0 112
ian@0 113 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG
ian@0 114 bool "Early debugging (dangerous)"
ian@0 115
ian@0 116 choice
ian@0 117 prompt "Early debugging console"
ian@0 118 depends on PPC_EARLY_DEBUG
ian@0 119 help
ian@0 120 Use the selected console for early debugging. Careful, if you
ian@0 121 enable debugging for the wrong type of machine your kernel
ian@0 122 _will not boot_.
ian@0 123
ian@0 124 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG_LPAR
ian@0 125 bool "LPAR HV Console"
ian@0 126 depends on PPC_PSERIES
ian@0 127 help
ian@0 128 Select this to enable early debugging for a machine with a HVC
ian@0 129 console on vterm 0.
ian@0 130
ian@0 131 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG_G5
ian@0 132 bool "Apple G5"
ian@0 133 depends on PPC_PMAC64
ian@0 134 help
ian@0 135 Select this to enable early debugging for Apple G5 machines.
ian@0 136
ian@0 138 bool "RTAS Panel"
ian@0 139 depends on PPC_RTAS
ian@0 140 help
ian@0 141 Select this to enable early debugging via the RTAS panel.
ian@0 142
ian@0 144 bool "RTAS Console"
ian@0 145 depends on PPC_RTAS
ian@0 146 select UDBG_RTAS_CONSOLE
ian@0 147 help
ian@0 148 Select this to enable early debugging via the RTAS console.
ian@0 149
ian@0 150 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG_MAPLE
ian@0 151 bool "Maple real mode"
ian@0 152 depends on PPC_MAPLE
ian@0 153 help
ian@0 154 Select this to enable early debugging for Maple.
ian@0 155
ian@0 156 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG_ISERIES
ian@0 157 bool "iSeries HV Console"
ian@0 158 depends on PPC_ISERIES
ian@0 159 help
ian@0 160 Select this to enable early debugging for legacy iSeries. You need
ian@0 161 to hit "Ctrl-x Ctrl-x" to see the messages on the console.
ian@0 162
hollisb@108 163 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG_XEN_DOM0
hollisb@108 164 bool "Xen Dom0 Console"
hollisb@108 165 depends on PPC_XEN
hollisb@108 166 help
hollisb@108 167 Select this to enable early debugging for Xen Dom0. Setting
hollisb@108 168 this will result in a kernel that may not work as a DomU.
hollisb@108 169
hollisb@108 170 config PPC_EARLY_DEBUG_XEN_DOMU
hollisb@108 171 bool "Xen DomU Console"
hollisb@108 172 depends on PPC_XEN && XEN_UNPRIVILEGED_GUEST
hollisb@108 173 help
hollisb@108 174 Select this to enable early debugging for Xen DomU. Setting
hollisb@108 175 this will result in a kernel that may not work as a Dom0.
hollisb@108 176
ian@0 177 endchoice
ian@0 178
ian@0 179 endmenu