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netfront: Allow netfront in domain 0.

This is useful if your physical network device is in a utility domain.

Signed-off-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@citrix.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Tue Apr 15 15:18:58 2008 +0100 (2008-04-15)
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ian@0 1 Overview
ian@0 2
ian@0 3 The Dell Systems Management Base Driver provides a sysfs interface for
ian@0 4 systems management software such as Dell OpenManage to perform system
ian@0 5 management interrupts and host control actions (system power cycle or
ian@0 6 power off after OS shutdown) on certain Dell systems.
ian@0 7
ian@0 8 Dell OpenManage requires this driver on the following Dell PowerEdge systems:
ian@0 9 300, 1300, 1400, 400SC, 500SC, 1500SC, 1550, 600SC, 1600SC, 650, 1655MC,
ian@0 10 700, and 750. Other Dell software such as the open source libsmbios project
ian@0 11 is expected to make use of this driver, and it may include the use of this
ian@0 12 driver on other Dell systems.
ian@0 13
ian@0 14 The Dell libsmbios project aims towards providing access to as much BIOS
ian@0 15 information as possible. See http://linux.dell.com/libsmbios/main/ for
ian@0 16 more information about the libsmbios project.
ian@0 17
ian@0 18
ian@0 19 System Management Interrupt
ian@0 20
ian@0 21 On some Dell systems, systems management software must access certain
ian@0 22 management information via a system management interrupt (SMI). The SMI data
ian@0 23 buffer must reside in 32-bit address space, and the physical address of the
ian@0 24 buffer is required for the SMI. The driver maintains the memory required for
ian@0 25 the SMI and provides a way for the application to generate the SMI.
ian@0 26 The driver creates the following sysfs entries for systems management
ian@0 27 software to perform these system management interrupts:
ian@0 28
ian@0 29 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/smi_data
ian@0 30 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/smi_data_buf_phys_addr
ian@0 31 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/smi_data_buf_size
ian@0 32 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/smi_request
ian@0 33
ian@0 34 Systems management software must perform the following steps to execute
ian@0 35 a SMI using this driver:
ian@0 36
ian@0 37 1) Lock smi_data.
ian@0 38 2) Write system management command to smi_data.
ian@0 39 3) Write "1" to smi_request to generate a calling interface SMI or
ian@0 40 "2" to generate a raw SMI.
ian@0 41 4) Read system management command response from smi_data.
ian@0 42 5) Unlock smi_data.
ian@0 43
ian@0 44
ian@0 45 Host Control Action
ian@0 46
ian@0 47 Dell OpenManage supports a host control feature that allows the administrator
ian@0 48 to perform a power cycle or power off of the system after the OS has finished
ian@0 49 shutting down. On some Dell systems, this host control feature requires that
ian@0 50 a driver perform a SMI after the OS has finished shutting down.
ian@0 51
ian@0 52 The driver creates the following sysfs entries for systems management software
ian@0 53 to schedule the driver to perform a power cycle or power off host control
ian@0 54 action after the system has finished shutting down:
ian@0 55
ian@0 56 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/host_control_action
ian@0 57 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/host_control_smi_type
ian@0 58 /sys/devices/platform/dcdbas/host_control_on_shutdown
ian@0 59
ian@0 60 Dell OpenManage performs the following steps to execute a power cycle or
ian@0 61 power off host control action using this driver:
ian@0 62
ian@0 63 1) Write host control action to be performed to host_control_action.
ian@0 64 2) Write type of SMI that driver needs to perform to host_control_smi_type.
ian@0 65 3) Write "1" to host_control_on_shutdown to enable host control action.
ian@0 66 4) Initiate OS shutdown.
ian@0 67 (Driver will perform host control SMI when it is notified that the OS
ian@0 68 has finished shutting down.)
ian@0 69
ian@0 70
ian@0 71 Host Control SMI Type
ian@0 72
ian@0 73 The following table shows the value to write to host_control_smi_type to
ian@0 74 perform a power cycle or power off host control action:
ian@0 75
ian@0 76 PowerEdge System Host Control SMI Type
ian@0 77 ---------------- ---------------------
ian@0 78 300 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE1
ian@0 79 1300 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE1
ian@0 80 1400 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 81 500SC HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 82 1500SC HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 83 1550 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 84 600SC HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 85 1600SC HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 86 650 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 87 1655MC HC_SMITYPE_TYPE2
ian@0 88 700 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE3
ian@0 89 750 HC_SMITYPE_TYPE3
ian@0 90
ian@0 91