log tools/libxc/xenctrl.h

age author description
2006-12-13 kfraser [TOOLS] Fix the build. Clearly demarcate PPC-specific stuff.
2006-12-12 Hollis Blanchard [POWERPC] Merge with xen-unstable.hg.
2006-12-12 Hollis Blanchard [POWERPC] Merge in outstanding changes from xenppc-unstable.hg.
2006-12-08 kfraser [XEN] Implement XENMEM_set_memory_map, which specifies memory map to
2006-12-07 kfraser [LIBXC] Add an error reporting API to the libxc library.
2006-12-01 kfraser [LIBXC] Add new AP{I function xc_evtchn_bind_unbound_port().
2006-11-27 kfraser [XEN] Cleanups to phys/mach address handling.
2006-11-21 kfraser [HVM] Reworked interrupt distribution logic.
2006-11-17 kfraser [LIBXC] Replace API uses of size_t with ulong.
2006-11-07 kfraser [HVM] Replace shared-memory PIC state with a set-irq-level hypercall.
2006-11-07 kfraser [BLKTAP] ia64 support
2006-11-03 kfraser [XEN] Remove VGCF_hvm_guest, replace with XEN_DOMINF_hvm_guest.
2006-11-01 kfraser [HVM] HVM is now a flag parameter to domain-creation hypercall.
2006-10-25 awilliam [LIBXC][IA64] fix build warning
2006-10-18 kfraser xc core structures are not Linux specific.
2006-10-17 kfraser Remove non-existent xc_ptrace_core() from xenctrl.h.
2006-10-17 kfraser [SOLARIS] Don't build ptrace code on Solaris.
2006-09-29 kfraser [LINUX] Make evtchn device use a dynamic minor number.
2006-09-18 kfraser Revert 11475:11645dda144c3c8365dd2a6a64cb5a7d7da01170
2006-09-14 root In this patch, the xc_domain_dumpcore_via_callback() in xc_core.c of
2006-08-31 kaf24 [TOOLS] xenctrl.h defines __XEN_TOOLS__ if it's not already.
2006-08-25 kfraser Replace dom0_ops hypercall with three new hypercalls:
2006-08-23 kfraser Remove all traces of the obsolete BVT scheduler.
2006-08-23 kfraser [TOOLS] Remove the 'cpuperf' misc tool. Xenoprof is the
2006-08-16 tdeegan Replace shadow pagetable code with shadow2.
2006-08-14 kfraser [LIBXC] Remove unused xc_evtchn_status().
2006-08-07 kaf24 Change DOM0_PERFCCONTROL: remove array limit.
2006-07-25 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-07-11 awilliam [IA64] Creates tools/libxc/ia64 directory.
2006-07-14 kaf24 [powerpc] add PowerPC support to libxc