log tools/ioemu/xenstore.c

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2007-07-06 kfraser Revert 15471:7ac7f147241405af83e7a9d748cf7b01279734fc
2007-07-06 kfraser hvm: Allow blktap to be able to be booted as system volume for PV-on-HVM
2007-06-06 kfraser qemu: Fix vnc port offset in xenstore
2007-04-11 Christian Limpach [ioemu] Consistently extend all block device operations to include scsi disks.
2007-04-11 kfraser Provide the use of SCSI disks in HVM domains. Currently there is a
2007-04-05 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: qemu-dm should calculate bitmap size from maximum gpfn
2007-04-04 kfraser hvm: x86 ioemu-dm does not need a memory-size parameter on the command line.
2007-04-03 Christian Limpach [hvm] Keep track of time offset between domain time and dom0 time.
2007-03-19 Christian Limpach [ioemu] Cleanup media change code.
2007-03-16 Tim Deegan [QEMU] fix typo in 14405
2007-03-16 Tim Deegan [HVM][QEMU] Save/restore: enable HVM live migration
2007-02-28 Wim Colgate Use stat to poll on phantom device until it becomes ready
2007-02-07 wim [blktap] Allow HVM booting from blktap device(s)
2006-11-16 Ewan Mellor Fix clobbering bug when hde is specified; QEMU only supports up to hdd, but
2006-10-27 kaf24 [QEMU] Helper functions to interface with the xenstore and read device information from it.
2006-10-20 kfraser [HVM] Implement password authentication of VNC connections.
2006-08-03 chris [qemu] Write the port number where the vnc server is listening to xenstore.
2006-08-03 chris [qemu] Use xenstore to configure ioemu block devices.