log xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vmcs.c

age author description
2006-07-10 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Clean up some writes to 64-bit VMCS fields in 32-bit Xen.
2006-07-05 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Move vmcs and I/O bitmap allocation into
2006-07-03 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Fixes to VMCS create/destroy.
2006-06-22 kaf24 [VMX] Fix use of VMCLEAR a little: no need if not active on any CPU.
2006-06-11 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Cleanups and fixes to VMCS lifecycle.
2006-05-17 kaf24 Add hotkey 'v' to hypervisor monitor to print VMCS areas.
2006-03-30 kaf24 More fixes to gdbserver for HVM guest debugging. Also fix
2006-03-19 kaf24 This patch fix HVM/VMX time resolution issue that cause IA32E complain
2006-03-10 kaf24 More build config changes:
2006-03-10 kaf24 Clean the pending_intr processing sequence and fix some potential bugs.
2006-03-08 kaf24 Lower-casify some macros, and rename kernel_mode() to guest_kernel_mode().
2006-02-23 kaf24 Per-vcpu IO evtchn patch for HVM domain.
2006-02-22 kaf24 Change shadow_direct_map_init/clean param from vcpu to domain.
2006-02-09 kaf24 Fix CPU-migration of VMX domains.
2006-02-06 kaf24 Remove CONFIG_VMX and CONFIG_SVM compile options. Support
2006-02-06 kaf24 Allows x86_32 PAE Xen to run VMX domains (2-level guest page
2006-02-03 kaf24 Build the phys_to_machine_mapping array in Xen rather than
2006-02-01 kaf24 Rename physical-address-related variables and functions
2006-01-31 kaf24 Big merge the HVM full-virtualisation abstractions.