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NativeDom 1:1 support for x86_64, 32bitbios reloc bug fix
author Guy Zana <>
date Wed Sep 19 10:51:46 2007 +0200 (2007-09-19)
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1 To build:
3 1. ./mkbuildtree
4 NB. You can override paths to Xen sources and XenLinux sources via
5 the XEN and XL environment variable.
7 2. make -C /path/to/kernel/source M=$PWD modules
8 NB. The kernel sources here are your native kernel build tree, not
9 the XenLinux sources referred to in step 1.
11 You get four modules, xen-platform-pci.ko, xenbus.ko, xen-vbd.ko, and
12 xen-vnif.ko. Load xen-platform-pci first, then xenbus, and then
13 whichever of xen-vbd and xen-vnif you happen to need.