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[HVM] Sync p2m table across all vcpus on x86_32p xen.
We found VGA acceleration can not work on SMP VMX guests on x86_32p
xen, this is caused by the way we construct p2m table today: only the 1st
l2 page table slot that maps p2m table pages is copied to none-vcpu0 vcpu
monitor page table when VMX is created. But VGA acceleration will
create some p2m table entries beyond the 1st l2 page table slot after HVM is
created, so only vcpu0 can get these p2m entries, and other vcpu can
not do VGA acceleration.

Signed-off-by: Xin Li <>
author kfraser@localhost.localdomain
date Wed Jul 26 11:34:12 2006 +0100 (2006-07-26)
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1 Minimal OS
2 ----------
4 This shows some of the stuff that any guest OS will have to set up.
6 This includes:
8 * installing a virtual exception table
9 * handling virtual exceptions
10 * handling asynchronous events
11 * enabling/disabling async events
12 * parsing start_info struct at start-of-day
13 * registering virtual interrupt handlers (for timer interrupts)
14 * a simple page and memory allocator
15 * minimal libc support
17 Stuff it doesn't show:
19 * modifying page tables
20 * network code
21 * block-device code
24 - to build it just type make.
26 - to start it do the following in domain0 (assuming xend is running)
27 # xm create domain_config
29 this starts the kernel and prints out a bunch of stuff and then every
30 1000 timer interrupts the system time.