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2 To compile and install run "make install"; if it fails or you need to reinstall
3 run "make clean" first or the build will fail, at least that is what I have
4 found under 2.6.10.
6 Other important items:
7 1) You will need to have your xen0 kernel compiled with HMAC_SUPPORT
8 2.6.x = (MAIN MENU: Cryptographic Options -> HMAC Support)
9 BEFORE running "make install".
11 2) You will want at least some of the other alogorithms listed under
12 "Cryptographic Options" for the kernel compiled as modules.
14 3) You will want the networking IPsec/VLAN options compiled in as modules
15 2.6.x = (MAIN MENU: Device Drivers -> Networking Support ->
16 Networking Options ->
17 IP: AH transformation
18 IP: ESP transformation
19 IP: IPComp transformation
20 IP: tunnel transformation
22 IPsec user configuration interface
24 802.1Q VLAN Support
26 4) The module (vnet_module) will not properly load from the command line
27 with a "modprobe vnet_module". Use network-vnet to properly configure
28 your system and load the module for you.
30 Please refer to the additional documentation found in tools/vnet/doc for
31 proper syntax and config file parameters.